Governor Committee Structure

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At St. Peter’s we have the following committees;

Finance and Buildings – Chaired by Mrs C Hunt up to 31.1.18, Chaired by Mrs L. Taylor from 15.2.18
Personnel – Chaired by Mrs J Hall
Standards and effectiveness – Chaired by Mrs J Cox
Pupil inclusion and community – Chaired by Mr R Charleson
Christian Foundation – Chaired by Sr D Needham
There are also committees that meet, if required, to consider pupil discipline, staffing appeal issues, admission to school and staffing appeals and complaints.
The Governing Body was reconstituted in November 2014 and is now made up of the following Governors.
Parent Governor = 2
Staff Governor  = 1
Local Authority Governor = 1
Co-opted Governor = 1
Total non foundation = 5
Foundation Governors = 8
Head teacher  = 1

Total =14

Last Updated On August 02, 2019