Aims and Ethos. Values and Vision

Click here for a downloadable version of our school vision (intent statement)

What is our vision?

As teachers we are often charged with the task of preparing our children for their future. At St. Peter’s we think a little differently, and rather than prepare our children for a future that is imposed upon them, we aim to give them the skills necessary to create the future that they perceive for themselves.

Today is the tomorrow of yesterday. By controlling today, we are creating the future of tomorrow.

Our vision is to develop our children to enable them to create the future they aspire for themselves.

Our children will contribute to and prosper in society.

Our school purpose is to signal a route to a life that many don’t think possible! Our overall aim is to maximise social mobility!

How is our school ethos aligned with our vision? What do we believe?

We believe our vision will be achieved if we provide our children with an environment in which they can “Learn, Sparkle & Shine…”

Learn = develop wisdom, knowledge and skills.

Sparkle  = develop individual character; hope, aspiration and courageous advocacy.

Shine  = develop community spirit and learn to live well together.

We believe ability is a consequence of what happens in our classrooms not a cause!

We believe inherited traits are only one part of the story of where we may end up. The environment created in our classrooms, the culture of hard work and determination that we encourage, the recognition that we are all able to increase our knowledge through learning, we believe, has an equally valid impact on our future success.  (Learn)

We believe that engaging in a rich and varied curriculum will provide our children with an opportunity to develop a positive attitude to learning and an environment in which they can flourish and thrive. (Sparkle)

We believe that by using Christian Values to underpin our work, children will be able to spread positive attitudes and shine as a beacon in society. (Shine)

We aim to effect the environment to which the children are exposed to maximise pupils’ opportunity to “Learn, Sparkle & Shine..”

What values underpin our vision?

Christian and British Values Underpin our work as a Church School.​

The children, staff and Governors have worked together to decide which Christian values are the most pertinent to our school.

The “sunshine of values” helps to fulfill the ‘shine’ element of our motto.

See our year 2 children explain the meaning of our ‘sunshine of values.’

What is our strategy? What will we do? What will you see?

How will our vision be achieved? Click on the image below to enlarge to read the strategy supporting the actions we take.

Click here for our specific action plan for 18/19

How will our children understand our vision and our strategy?

Our motto “Learn, Sparkle & Shine…” is one the children refer to regularly as the purpose, for them, to come to school!

“Learn, Sparkle & Shine….”

Learn to sparkle
Learning to shine
Thou precious child of mine

Learn to trust
Learning to care
Jesus will always be there

Learn to share
Learning to play
God is with us every new day

Learn to look
Learning to see
The Holy Spirit is in you and me

Learn to hear
Learning to listen
The gentle words of the Christian mission

Learn to speak
Learning to say
Only kind words everyday

Learn to sparkle
Learning to shine
Look to The Lord for guidance divine

Learn to run
Learning to race
You never lose if you’re full of grace

Don’t let others say you don’t sparkle
Don’t let others say you don’t shine
Learn that  as you are a child of Jesus
You are always the brightest
Amongst us

By Tony Rogers.  Grandparent of a child at school.