Severe Weather Information

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Severe Weather Information

Always assume that school is open unless you see a message to say we are not!

We will text and tweet if the school is closed.

In the event of the school having to close due to severe weather we will as far as possible follow the procedure below;

Please assume that unless you hear via one of the sources below that the school will remain open and please rest assured that we will only close the school if it becomes a risk to health & safety.

  • We will send a text message to all parents as early in the morning as possible. (If you have recently changed your mobile number can you let us have the new one as soon as possible).
  • We will put a message on Twitter @stpetersfarn
  • We will put a message on the front page of our website.

In the event of snow and ice on the school site, the following measures will be put into place

  • The playground will not be in use apart from planned, staff-led activities.
  • Throwing snowballs/making slides will not be permitted.

Children arriving and leaving school

Please stay safe – registration will be extended and all children will receive their mark.

  • Children should be escorted to school to ensure their safe arrival.
  • To reduce the risk of incidents with cars, could we strongly encourage parents to walk to school wherever possible
  • Please ensure that your children are dressed appropriately for the weather and that any wellies or coats have names on.
Last Updated On July 09, 2019