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School to school support

St. Peter’s is a strategic partner with St. James’ Teaching School.

Currently via St. James’s we work with a number of schools offering support and sharing of good practice. We find the benefits of this work reciprocal and are keen to develop more links with both the Primary and Secondary sectors. Valuable relationships are being developed through School to School support and we are keen to further expand in this area.

NLE  – Lynn Williams

Headteacher Lynn Williams is a NLE, who is deployed through the teaching school alliance.

Lynn’s specialisms are data management and ensuring progress for disadvantaged pupils. Lynn is listed on the NCTL database of pupil premium reviewers. If you would like to deploy Lynn to undertake a pupil premium review please contact the teaching school alliance, who will make all the necessary arrangements.


” Your school’s results for disadvantaged pupils in recent years show that you have expertise in making a difference with this too often underperforming group. This clearly demonstrates that the future success of your pupils is very important to you, and that you share my determination to give our most disadvantaged children a better start in life. I would like other schools to benefit from your commitment”


Rt Hon David Laws MP

Minister of State for Schools



St. Peter’s also currently employs three Specialist leaders of Education (SLE’s) who are deployed through the teaching school alliance.


SLE – Jennifer Scott– Primary/SENCO


Read about Mrs Scott’s deployments on the NCTL blog by clicking here.


Early in her teaching career Jennifer took a subject leadership role, leading RE and MFL throughout school. Jennifer has always sought to have an impact on school policy and practise and was promoted to SENCO with an SEN allowance in 2010 and was further promoted in Sep 2014 to the position of Assistant Head. This promotion not only reflects her passion and dedication to developing the quality of pro-vision for SEND pupils, but also her commitment to extending the wider impact she can have on the strategic direction of the school over-all. Jennifer has been in the role of Assistant Head since September 2014, however she has been a SENCO and senior leader at St Peter’s for 5 years.


Jennifer has been fortunate in being able to share her leadership skills more widely. At St Peter’s, she has been given opportunity to work across schools since she first started in 2007. Jennifer very much enjoys the wider leadership work she provides in her own school, and also to the local cluster of schools that she has worked within. Talking to others both challenges and supports the way Jennifer thinks and has helped her to grow as a leader.


Jennifer is an outstanding teacher and this is proven through the outstanding progress made by the children in her care. This passion for success carries across all elements of her work, including working beyond her own school, to ensure children across Farnworth get a first rate education.



SLE – Diane Buckley – Primary/Literacy



Throughout my career, which has predominantly been at St. Peter’s, I have had the privilege to have worked with outstanding leaders, who have been positive role models and have helped to shape me as a professional. I aspire to be the best teacher and my leaders have recognised this and have given me opportunities to share my expertise across the school and use my knowledge to lead others. I firmly believe that no one person, working in isolation, can get the very best for children in their school and therefore a collegiate must be taken which allows individuals to use their strength to maximise on impact.


My initial motivation is to develop teaching and learning to ensure all children in school make at least good progress. Seeing children from all starting points make progress is what I go to work for each and every day.Being a good leader allows me to assist other members of staff, so that chidlren all across school, make good progress. I continually work to develop my own subject knowledge and paedagogy and through being an effective leader I can pass on my knowledge in order to strengthen teaching and learning across the whole school.


I feel a sense of empowerment when I know that my advice, through effective leadership, has helped to shape the progress of others, staff and children alike. I believe that, working in education, it is vital that we learn from each other. Being an effective SLE not only allows me to assist with the development of others, it also strengthens my own teaching through sharing good practise.



SLE – Yvonne Price – Primary/Literacy



Mrs Price  is an outstanding senior leader with 4  years’ experience in this role. She clearly demonstrates excellent knowledge in the areas of;  Ks1 teaching and learning, teaching of literacy, particularly phonics and general teaching pedagogy.

She has a successful track record of effectively leading the development of the Ks1 department, both at St. Peters’ and other schools locally, initially in the role of shadowing an existing SLE but more recently in her own right as a Year 2 assessment moderator for the Local authority.

Her capacity for supporting others comes from a deep desire to ensure all pupils are provided with outstanding learning opportunities; not just within her own class, but across all the children she can  reach out to through her altruistic nature. She is passionate about ensuring pupils’ grow and develop academically, morally and spiritually and will infectiously bring this passion to the staff she works with, helping them to grow. She is highly regarded as a practioner and is respected as a leader.

She is a keen learner herself and is an excellent role model; demonstrating an outstanding work ethic and commitment to making a difference.

If you would like to request the support of our SLE’s please email St.James Teaching School


Natasha Smith – Primary art

Mrs Smith is a HLTA with a specialism in art and design.

Under her guidance the art curriculum at St. Peter’s was recognised by OFSTED as outstanding and we would therefore like to share her expertise with other primary schools.

We have a fully equipped classroom meeting all the art curriculum needs.

Offer 1;  £150

A Key stage 2 class from your school can come to our school for a morning and be taught by Mrs smith, leaving with a finished piece of art work based around one of the following artists;

Paul Klee, Emile Nolde, Hans Hoffman, Mandy Tsung, Stephen Bennett, Albert Tucker.

Offer 2; Initial session free, then £50 per session therafter

Mrs Smith can support your art leader in planning new topics to meet your curriculum needs. This can be done at your school or by visiting us.

If you wish to book one of these offers please contact Mrs Smith on the school number or by emailing

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