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You can re wire your brain – neuroplasticity!

Growth Mindset – Neuroplasticity

Don’t allow our pupils to become a flea in a jar!! Give them the power to aim high and achieve beyond their potential!

Angela Duckworth talks about the power of grit!

Rita Pierson – Every Kid needs a champion!

Carol Dweck – The Power of Yet!

Matthew Syed – The myth of talent and the power of practise!

Class Dojo Big ideas – Growth Mindset Videos

Class Dojo have added a series of five ‘Big Ideas’ videos to their website highlighting the importance of adopting a growth mindset and some strategies for developing one. The videos bring the Dojo characters to life as they struggle when faced with challenges or discover that they cannot do something that they thought they were really good at. Check out

Chapter 1: A Secret about the Brain


Chapter 2: The Magic of Mistakes;


Chapter 3: The Power of ‘Yet’;


Chapter 4: The World of Neurons


Chapter 5: Little by Little. Mojo puts it all together.


Thank you to the team at Class Dojo.

Brain Jump with NED the Neuron – learning from challenges!

Matthew Syed – the secret to success!

Last Updated On July 09, 2019