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Curriculum Information

116 children achieved an arts mark discover award between April 2018 and February 2019 (last updated February 2019)

We follow the National Curriculum for England. For more information please click on the link below or ask at the school office for a paper copy.

Further information about our curriculum can be found in the information below.

Please visit our gallery ( see drop down menu above) and school blogs to see our curriculum in action.

Our curriculum aims (intent)

Click here to download a hard copy of our school values and curriculum aims  (intent statement)

We believe our vision will be achieved if we provide our children with an environment in which they can “Learn, Sparkle & Shine…”

We believe ability is a consequence of what happens in our classrooms not a cause!

We believe inherited traits are only one part of the story of where we may end up. The environment created in our classrooms, the culture of hard work and determination that we encourage, the recognition that we are all able to increase our knowledge through learning, we believe, has an equally valid impact on our future success.  (Learn)

We believe that engaging in a rich and varied curriculum will provide our children with an opportunity to develop a positive attitude to learning and an environment in which they can flourish and thrive. (Sparkle)

We believe that by using Christian Values to underpin our work, children will be able to spread positive attitudes and shine as a beacon in society. (Shine)

We aim to effect the environment to which the children are exposed to maximise pupils’ opportunity to “Learn, Sparkle & Shine..”

Our detailed curriculum map with effect from April 2019 is available by clicking here.
Our EYFS curriculum map is available by clicking the link here.
Our detailed PE Curriculum provision map is available by clicking here.
Our detailed computing curriculum map can be found here.
 RE Statement of intent can be found here.
Our SMSC policy can be found here.
Our assessment and marking policy can be found by clicking here.

Our teaching strategy can be found below (intent and implementation)

Our commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum is demonstrated through the curriculum awards we have been successful in achieving.
These currently include;

 Each term the teachers send out a curriculum fact sheet to inform parents of the topics that their children will be covering during the term.

These fact sheets are located in the tabs below.

Knowledge organisers.

The information below outlines the specific details of the knowledge we expect the children to gain by working through the science, history or geography topic.

Last Updated On September 20, 2019