“Attendance and punctuality are an important part of good behaviour. Students who miss valuable time in classrooms fall further behind, and become more disengaged from the work of the class, which in turn encourages misbehaviour. In successful schools, the expectation is 100% attendance and 100% punctuality. This admittedly near-impossible goal is embedded as an aspirational norm. Crucially, it is monitored and tracked in real time  Administrative staff are allocated for this duty and just as crucially, deviation from this 100% results in a school reaction, an investigation, a sanction, support, whatever is needed.”

Tom Bennett; Independent review of behaviour in schools


Guidance for Head Teachers on holidays in term time.

We are very proud of our attendance rates!

Data from the inspection data dashboard issued by DFE and OFSTED shows that attendance rates have been above national average for the last three years i.e. absence and persistent absence is below national average.

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57 children had 100% attendance in 2017/8 – amazing!
Mason has not had a single day off school throughout his entire time at St. Peter’s – a fantastic achievement.
49 children had 100% attendance in 2016/7 – amazing!
A few of those faces have been showing up year on year. Mason now has 6 years full attendance!
 These children had 100% attendance in 2015/16 – brilliant!
Numbers are rising significantly year on year!
These children had 100% attendance in 2014/15 – brilliant!
These children had 100% attendance in 2013/14 – amazing!

These children had 100% attendance in 2011/12 – brilliant!

“Learning’s good, learning’s cool, so come on kids let’s go to school!”
School attendance matters” at St.Peter’s School.

We ask that children attend school every day unless they are too unwell to do so.

Attendance is very carefully monitored by the school.
Parents are asked to speak to the head teacher if they have concerns or issues arising.